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Forensic Services

Helping attorneys and the courts discover the truth

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Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Roman is a neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of experience providing expert consultation to attorneys for the plaintiff and for the defense in cases of traumatic brain injury related to accidents and medical malpractice. We seek the truth and can aid legal counsel in making important decisions regarding their cases. Dr. Roman's experience with Independent Medical Examinations, oral depositions, and courtroom testimony is free of bias and designed to help the trier of fact understand the relevant issues in complex cases.

Criminal Cases

Dr. Roman has over 30 years of experience in evaluating individuals accused of criminal acts. We provide evaluation for:

  • competency to stand trial

  • investigation of mitigating factors

  • certification to be tried as an adult

  • fitness to proceed under §55.31 of the Texas Family Code

  • responsibility for conduct under §55.51 of the Texas Family Code


Civil Cases

Dr. Roman also provides evaluation and consultation for other types of civil matters related to:

  • expert opinions on psychological or emotional damages in tort cases

  • competency to make financial decisions

  • petitions to grant or revoke guardianship

  • modification of parental rights based on psychological or cognitive disabilities

  • other specific matters relevant to the court as they relate to competency

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