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Therapy Services We Offer

Our psychologists and therapists are with you every step of the way

Individual Therapy

We'll work together to determine goals and find solutions to improve thinking and behavior. Together we can reduce the pain of difficult and troubling emotions, work to overcome life’s obstacles, and find a path to a healthier and more positive future. Visit our Psychological Evaluation & Therapy page for more information.


Couples Therapy

Relationships have the ability to bring us great joy ... and great heartbreak. We treat couples who are experiencing distress along their journey together.

Couples Therapy

  Of course, therapy isn't just for couples that are facing difficult times. Couples therapy is a great option for young relationships (at any age), for those that want to renew their spark, and as a means to enhance communication.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is an ideal treatment option for improving communication, working on boundaries and limit setting, and learning how to best support the people who are most important to you. Whether you need to improve family harmony, resolve parent-child conflicts, improve sibling relationships, or come together to support each other through a difficult time, we can help.

Divorce Counseling

When one or both of you have decided to end the relationship, you may find it useful to meet with one of our experienced therapists to minimize the inevitable pain and distress, particularly when you have children together. We can help you navigate the difficult road ahead.



Video based therapy services allow you to attend your sessions from the privacy of your own home or workplace. Research shows that it is as effective as, and more convenient than, therapy in a traditional office setting.

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